Why It’s Time for You to Install a Replacement Conservatory Roof in Leasingham

Some of the most common complaints about conservatories include:

  • Intense summer heat, making the room unusable
  • Uncomfortably cold temperatures and draughts during winter
  • Bright glare that makes it impossible to read, watch TV or look at screens

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Replacing your conservatory roof could be the simple fix you’re looking for, upgrading your conservatory and making it a comfortable, all-year-round space. A replacement conservatory roof in Leasingham can:

  • Make your conservatory a more consistent temperature throughout the year
  • Dramatically improve insulation
  • Cut energy costs for your conservatory by up to 90%
  • Reduce cleaning and upkeep costs
  • Add value to your home
  • Upgrade your conservatory’s appearance
  • Reduce noise from rain, hail and wind

Find out the cost of a replacement conservatory roof in Leasingham – get a quick quote.

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What Type of Conservatory Roof Will You Choose?

Choose from:

  • A tiled conservatory roof that makes it look like a proper extension
  • A solar controlled glass roof that keeps your space ultra light and bright
  • An insulated ceiling that fits under the existing roof, improving insulation and reducing glare

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Choose a tiled conservatory roof and enjoy:

  • A wide choice of tile colours – select the colour of your choice for your new roof
  • Long warranties – tiles come with a 40-year manufacturer-backed warranty
  • Full compliance – your roof will be compliant with the latest building regulations
  • Lightweight yet strong roofing – it can support the weight of a person for cleaning
  • Excellent insulation – solid roofs use Celotex board and 19-layer SuperQuilt®
  • Low U-values – typical U-values can be achieved of 0.15–0.18
  • Fast installation – most installations take just three days
  • Full ventilation – this protects the roof from condensation

Solar Reflective Glass Conservatory Roofs

Excess heat is reflected away, giving you a modern roof that offers:

  • A bright aesthetic – your room will still look and feel like a conservatory
  • Reduced glare – use your conservatory how you want, when you want
  • Low maintenance – solar controlled glass is self cleaning
  • Super fast installation – the process can be completed in just one day
  • Longevity – your new roof will last for many years


Why Choose Us to Install Your Replacement Conservatory Roof in Leasingham?

  • 1. 100% customer satisfaction, verified through recent surveys
  • 2. A highly experienced team that fits up to 20 roofs a week
  • 3. Testimonials from over 400 customers
  • 4. Finance options over a period of up to 60 months – ask for more information
  • 5. 10-year warranties fully covered by the Consumer Protection Association (CPA)
  • 6. Deposit protection
  • 7. Well regarded and highly recommended – 25% of new customers come to us via referrals
  • 8. Fully insured
  • 9. Building control certification provided
  • 10. Referral reward scheme: £50 when your referral gets a quote, £100 if they go ahead with the work!

Get the Process Started: Let’s Talk About Your New Conservatory Roof

We will come to your home to talk you through the process in person, discussing all your options and completing a site survey to ensure suitability. We’ll talk about designs, show you tile options and check if you’re happy to go ahead – it’s no obligation and you’ll receive a full quote detailing inclusive costs for the work.

Find out more about a replacement conservatory roof in Leasingham. Call 01604 713335, email info@smartconservatorysolutions.co.uk or get a quick quote.


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