Why You Need a Replacement Conservatory Roof in Bracknell

Is your conservatory underused? Many conservatories – particularly older ones with polycarbonate roofs – are too warm in summer and too cold in winter, making them largely unusable through long stretches of the year. Benefit from reduced energy costs, comfortable temperatures, excellent insulation and a beautiful modern appearance when you choose a replacement conservatory roof in Bracknell.

You can choose from:

  • A modern tiled roof and plastered ceiling, making your conservatory feel like a full extension
  • A solar controlled glass roof that reflects away excess heat, making your space bright yet comfortable
  • An insulated conservatory ceiling – the roof is left in tact and a solid ceiling is added in

Did you know – a modern conservatory roof can reduce energy costs associated with the room by 90%? Start saving money and enjoying your home with a replacement conservatory roof in Bracknell. Call 01604 713335, email info@smartconservatorysolutions.co.uk or get an instant quick quote.



Is a Solid Conservatory Roof Replacement the best way to boost energy efficiency?

Many people wonder how an insulated conservatory ceiling can be the best possible option for improving energy efficiency, but the science behind this method is quite simple; it works as a barrier to prevent heat rising through the ceiling. This means you can retain heat in the winter, but it’s just as effective in the summer months too, drastically reducing the amount of sunlight beaming into the room. One concern many homeowners have is the fact that they will lose some natural light, but in all honesty, you will only lose a small amount, which can easily be compensated for with skylights.


Five Reasons to Choose a Replacement Conservatory Roof in Bracknell

Is a new conservatory roof right for you? Here are five facts to help you decide.

  • A solid insulated roof can reduce heat loss by 90%
  • Solid and solar-reflective glass roofs combat glare for a more calm, comfortable environment
  • Cleaning and maintenance costs are reduced as self-cleaning materials are used, and roofs are strong enough to stand on for easy access
  • A new roof will be well soundproofed to prevent disturbance from external noises, including rain
  • Excellent insulation will keep your conservatory a more consistent temperature all year round, meaning you get more use out of your space

Which type of roof will you choose? Get a quick online quote for it.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

  • 40-year manufacturer-backed warranty
  • Lightweight tiles in a wide range of colours
  • Low U-values of 0.15–0.18
  • Fast installation in an average of just three days
  • Good ventilation to combat condensation

Solar Controlled Glass Roofs

  • Very light and bright – keeps the appearance of a traditional conservatory
  • Installation in as little as one day
  • Reduced glare to create a comfortable space
  • Easy maintenance – self-cleaning glass

You will get a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee on any replacement conservatory roof in Bracknell that is installed by us.


Why Choose Our Expert Team for Your Conservatory Roof Replacement?

  • 100% customer satisfaction verified through surveys
  • Full building control approval obtained by us
  • A rating of 4.93 from hundreds of reviews on Trustatrader
  • Consumer Protection Association (CPA) accreditation
  • Long guarantees of up to 40 years on all materials
  • A 10-year insurance-backed guarantee on any new roof installed by us
  • CPA deposit protection
  • A range of finance options, available for up to 60 months
  • Free, no obligation quotes
  • Referral rewards of £50 if you refer someone who proceeds with a full written quotation. You then get an additional £100 if they go ahead!

Contact our team to discuss a replacement conservatory roof in Bracknell. We provide an end-to-end service, keeping all parts of the roof installation process in house for a better quality build and excellent customer experience. Call 01604 713335, email info@smartconservatorysolutions.co.uk or get a quick quote.

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