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Fully Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

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Do you dislike having an extremely hot conservatory in the summer and freezing cold one in the winter? Does the temperature of this area (that was once your favourite) always let you down, hence making it uncomfortable to use because of excess heat or cold? Then try Smart Conservatory Solutions’ tiled conservatory roof and turn your unused space into a multi-use room for all seasons. Our skilfully engineered tiled conservatory roofs are perfect for climate control and comfortable living. Changing an old inefficient roofing system with modern well-insulated one would help you save energy costs, decrease your carbon footprint, and enhance the value of your property. Exceptional results at Smart Conservatories Solution can only be achieved using high quality materials and technologies available today. Don’t let it go down any further. Get our tiled conservatory roof from us at Smart Conservatories Solutions now so that you can witness yourself. We have 10-year guarantees plus interest free finance options that enable you to get that dream conservatory but within reasonable price ranges. Call our number right now; there is no obligation involved as we will give you a free consultation. This will be the first step towards making an all-season place possible.

Over 95% of conservatories installed over the last 25 years have a polycarbonate roof and many conservatory owners have since found that their polycarbonate or glass roofing makes their conservatory unbearable for large chunks of the year. Instead of being a comfortable and relaxing space, a conservatory can become extremely hot at the height of summer or bitterly cold in the winter. Smart Conservatory offers a solution to this widespread problem – an insulated and tiled conservatory roof.

The most effective way to turn your under-used conservatory into an all-year-round living space is our fully insulated tiled conservatory roof.  Our solid roofs are not just incredibly strong and beautifully finished but most importantly it is the most insulated roof on the market reducing the heat loss by 90%! Smart Conservatory solutions also offer the widest choice of finish options on the market allowing you to match the look of your property, and add value in the process.

A new conservatory tiled roof enables the following features:

  • Choice of lightweight tiles with 40 Year manufacturer backed warranty
  • Compliant with the latest building regulations
  • Wide choice of internal and external finishes & extras
  • 4% Lighter than a glass roof and 33% lighter than any other solid roofs
  • Easily strong enough to support the weight of window cleaners
  • 2 types of insulation – Celotex board & 19 layer superquilt®
  • 0.13 – 0.15 U-Value
  • Typically installed in just 3 days
  • 10 Year insurance backed Guarantee
  • Fully ventilated, no condensation risk

Benefits & Usage ideas

Imagine the transformation a new insulated and tiled conservatory roof can deliver for your lifestyle. Now it's warm in winter, cool in summer, so you can use it all year round, No more deafening rain noise, no sun glare, and your conservatory becomes a proper extension to your house, increasing the value of the property and adding a new reception area ready to use when you need it, Your new roof will also add privacy, and reduce time spent on maintenance and cleaning, plus you'll save money on bills,

Your new, all-year-round room, can transform the way you use your downstairs living area, and present you with new options.  For the kids, they could have the playroom they've been missing, allowing them to be together and connected more to the garden, pulling them away from their screens, and isolation in their own rooms,   For adults you can have the relaxing garden room you had hoped for, or use it as a dining room or even for your kitchen, As a big plus, you also have an entertaining area you can use for events, a Christmas dinner room, pool table/games room, party room, or  Lounge, Bar,  "It's not just another room. It's a blank canvas for you to paint a new chapter of your life."

Tile Options

Our tiled conservatory roof conversions provide a comprehensive range of great looking options, all designed with maximum flexibility so we can match the style of your home.

Tapco slate – Lightweight, Authentic look of a slate, Fire rated, compliant with building regs, available in 6 standard colours, 40 year manufacturer backed guarantee, no colour loss after years, pitch as low as 14.5°, Quick installation, maintenance free

Britmet tiles – 6 British profiles, up to 7x lighter than the real tiles, Fire rated, compliant with building regs, available in 6 standard colours,  40 year manufacturer backed guarantee, no colour loss after years, pitch 5 - 90°, Quick installation, Maintenance free

All of our tile options are BBA approved.

Ceiling Options

A new tiled roof also means you get a new insulated ceiling, which gives your new room that finished look and feel that turns it into a 'proper room'.  We offer two great options for this;- fully plastered and UPVC finishes.

Plaster finish - Gives you the look of a proper room, when painted white it reflects light and provides some compensation for loss in light resulting from the new roof..

Upvc finish - Maintenance free, quicker to finish and no need to paint. The white gloss finish reflects light to brighten the room.


Skylights - If you're worried about loosing the natural light in your conservatory then a skylight is the answer. Both fixed or opening skylights allow the natural light to come through brigthening up the room.
Electric skylights are also available with remote control and rain sensor. A variety of sizes are available to choose from.

Energy efficient LED downlights - LED downlights are an extremely efficient way to light up the interior and even the exterior of your conservatory. giving it a modern look and an added dimension of style.

CHOICE 2 - Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

If your existing roof frame is too old or not good enough for our first option then Smart Conservatory Solutions offer a bespoke full Tiled Conservatory roof replacement. Thanks to its Timber frame our roof achieves the best available U-Value making it the most Insulated Tiled conservatory roof on the market.

Features & Benefits

-Save on Energy Bills

-Enables conservatory to be used comfortably all year round

-Adds value to your home while you live in it and for resale

-Eliminates glare and rain noise

-Lowers heating requirements and bills

-40-year warranty on quality tile options

-Fully compliant with latest building regulations

-Customisable internal/external finishes and extras

-Strong bespoke timber roof frame

-10-year insurance-backed guarantee

-Fully ventilated to prevent condensation


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Our Installation Process

We begin the process by checking your conservatory for external problems or leaks. If any problems are found we will quickly rectify the problem before beginning the insulation process.

A treated timber subframe is installed directly onto the underside of your existing roof beams. Our professional installation technicians all have extensive experience in this process and ensure that every joist is perfectly cut and fitted.

Next, the insulated quilt is added. Made up of 19 unique layers, the quilt covers the entire underside of the conservatory ceiling. The insulation quilt is extremely energy efficient as well as fire resistant and certified.

A second treated timer subframe is installed which will provide the secure fixing for your choice of finish that will form the beautifully crafted internal ceiling.

Our experts will then create your internal ceiling in the finish of your choice. The ceiling will follow the existing height and design of your conservatory to maximise headroom.

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