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An Insulated Ceiling for Your Conservatory

Installing an insulated conservatory ceiling will ensure that you can enjoy your conservatory all year round, and our quick, easy and guaranteed service can make it happen for you, faster than you might imagine!

Our quality conservatory roof insulation will not only keep the room cool in the summer by reducing annoying glare from the sun but it will also keep the room warm during the winter months by saving up to 90% of heat loss. We solve all of the common problems that are encountered by conservatory owners including: over-heating in the summer, freezing temperatures in the winter, faded furniture, wilting plants, glare from the sun and excessive noise when it rains.

Re-Claim Your Conservatory for All Year

Smart Conservatory Solutions' insulation service can help you transform your conservatory into the room you dreamed of from when you had it first constructed.  Millions of people in the UK loved the idea of creating a room that brought the outside in, letting you enjoy you garden throughout the year. The reality however is that many conservatories are not very usable during much of the year, because letting the outside in does just that, the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer, making the room livable for a much shorter period than imagined.

Our quality solutions can change all that within a matter of days, and you can have the room you've always wanted, not only enhancing your lifestyle, but adding value to your property.

What are the benefits?

  • Prevents overheating in the summer
  • Retains heat in the winter
  • Removes annoying glare from the sun
  • Can be installed on almost all conservatory types.
  • Minimal loss of ceiling height
  • No change to the interior space

Start enjoying your space right away, and add to the re-sale value of your home.

Our Installation Process

We begin the process by checking your conservatory for external problems or leaks. If any problems are found we will quickly rectify the problem before beginning the insulation process.

A treated timber subframe is installed directly onto the underside of your existing roof beams. Our professional installation technicians all have extensive experience in this process and ensure that every joist is perfectly cut and fitted.

Next, the insulated quilt is added. Made up of 19 unique layers, the quilt covers the entire underside of the conservatory ceiling. The insulation quilt is extremely energy efficient as well as fire resistant and certified.

A second treated timer subframe is installed which will provide the secure fixing for your choice of finish that will form the beautifully crafted internal ceiling.

Our experts will then create your internal ceiling in the finish of your choice. The ceiling will follow the existing height and design of your conservatory to maximise headroom.

Our Finish Options

We provide a number of ceiling finishes for you to choose from, so you will always find the right look and effect for your conservatory ceiling. All of our ceiling styles come with a guarantee of at least 5 years!


An insulated ceiling can be installed in nearly all conservatory types including glass, timber and polycarbonate. In most cases it is possible to install conservatory ceiling insulation with almost no loss of ceiling height so you can reap the benefits of the newly installed insulation without needing to make any major changes to the structure of the room itself. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful vaulted ceilings that perfectly match the interior of your home while complementing the existing exterior decoration.


The only thing that is lost by adding conservatory roof insulation is around 5-10% of the light from the original glass or polycarbonate roof, and this can be usually be compensated for sufficiently by the addition of skylights. On the other hand, the installation of the insulation beneath the original roofing means that the room will no longer suffer from the excessive heat of the sun in the summer months, allowing plants to thrive and furniture to no longer become faded and damaged by the continual exposure to sunlight. Nothing about the exterior of your conservatory is changed in any way (unless you choose also to have a tiled roof) but rather if you were to look down upon your newly insulated glass conservatory you will simply see the ceiling lining. The ceiling lining is a neutral colour which is created to look like a basic ceiling blind behind the glass. Polycarbonate conservatories will have little to no change in appearance at all as the neutral colouring of the insulation will have little affect on the original appearance of the polycarbonate.

We know that you will be thrilled with the changes that an insulated conservatory ceiling can bring – your conservatory will now feel like a proper extension of your home and become a space for you and your family, friends and visitors to enjoy all year round, not just in the spring!

If you would like to improve your conservatory with an insulated ceiling then visit our Quick Quote page, or phone us now on 01604 713335.

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