Conservatory Roof Replacement in Cambridge: Make your home whole again

There’s no denying the fact that here in the UK, conservatories get a rather bad rap. It has nothing to do with style. It’s largely because the majority of traditional conservatories do not deliver the functionality, comfort and efficiency that homeowners were promised when they originally made the investment.



Tiled Conservatory Roof in Cambridge 

Too many conservatories become storage areas, utility rooms or sheds rather than functional living spaces and that’s because they’re too hot in the summer months and too cold in the winter. Without good thermal efficiency and temperature control, they can suffer from damp, whilst you may have to spend a fortune on energy to keep the room remotely warm in the winter. Here at Smart Conservatory Solutions we’re changing the game and improving conservatories so they can actually become an all-year-round room that’s enjoyed by the family. We’ve helped many homeowners increase the value of their homes with a conservatory roof replacement in Cambridge. So if you’re based in the city or the surrounding area of Cambridgeshire, we’d love to help you solve all of the common problems associated with traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatories. The advantages of choosing our insulated roofs include:

  • Prevents overheating in the summer.
  • Retains heat in the winter.
  • Removes annoying glare from the sun.
  • Can be installed on almost all conservatory types.
  • Minimal loss of ceiling height.
  • No change to the interior space.

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Did you know?

Even more benefits you may not have considered:

Use your converted special room now for a much wider range of purposes, a dining room, living room, pool table room, office or simply as a quiet and comfortable place where you can relax and enjoy your garden.  The value our conversions can bring are more than just a lifestyle improvement however.  They can

  • Reduce the heating costs for your conservatory by up to 90%
  • Cut down noise and glare
  • Reduce cleaning and upkeep costs
  • Add to the sale value of your home
Insulated conservatory roof Bedford


Re-claim your conservatory in Cambridge with a roof replacement

If you’ve decided that it’s time you started enjoying your conservatory again, creating a space that’s cosy in the winter and nice and cool in the summer, we can deliver a simple, cost-effective and attractive solution. One of the best ways to make your conservatory feel like a proper extension of your home is with a fully insulated tiled conservatory roof. With a quick, reliable and professional installation, we can reduce heat loss by up to 90 percent. If you’re worried about losing light, don’t be! The loss of light in the room is actually rather minimal, but you can easily compensate for any loss by adding a set of energy-efficient skylights. If you’re considering a conservatory roof replacement in Cambridge, we recommend you take a look at our TrustATrader page where we’ve received lots of lovely feedback from our previous customers, whilst our gallery showcases some of our team’s most recent conservatory transformations.



Why investing in your conservatory adds value to your home

Traditional conservatories may enjoy plenty of natural light and a beautiful view of the garden, but if they do not meet modern demands, they’re unlikely to add any real value to your property. With a conservatory roof replacement in Cambridge, you’re able to improve temperature control, reduce energy bills and minimise noise when it rains. As a result, space will actually feel like it’s part of your home, rather than being an add-on that’s purely for decorative purposes!

If you’d like to speak to us about our services, or need some advice on the solution that’s right for your conservatory, please send us a message or call Smart Conservatory Solutions today on 01604 713335 or 0800 046 0044.

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