Top Conservatory Roof Replacement Trends for Summer 2023

Replacing your conservatory roof will not only improve insulation and soundproofing, it will also refresh and modernise the appearance of your home. The roof is a key part of a conservatory’s design and upgrading it can make a tangible difference to the way you use your space, transforming it into an integral part of the home that you can’t live without.

Get your conservatory ready for summer – here are the latest trends in roof replacement for 2023:

  1. Fully tiled roofs. One of the most popular trends for summer is to replace conservatory roofs with tiles. What are the benefits? More than anything else, heat control – you will find that your space remains a comfortable temperature, even in the height of summer. As the weather cools, it will stay warmer as well thanks to improved insulation and low u-values. Lightweight tiles are especially popular and can be installed quickly and efficiently in time for the summer.
  2. Rooflights. Don’t worry about losing natural light if you choose to install a tiled conservatory roof. Ensure you build rooflights or roof lanterns into the design, opening the ceiling up to the sky so the light streams in. You can enjoy the perfect balance between excellent insulation properties and a bright, sunny space.
  3. A choice of roof colours. Solid roofs give you the added benefit of choosing a more customised appearance. If you want a uniform roof colour and appearance for your whole property, you can choose conservatory tiles that match those you have currently. If there’s a particular colour or style you’re looking for, you will be able to find it – choose from a wide range of lightweight tiles.  
  4. Insulated ceilings. When you choose a solid conservatory roof, you can pair it with an insulated ceiling inside. This will help to keep your conservatory a comfortable temperature in summer, plus there will be none of the glare associated with glass roofs. Quality insulated quilts used in the installation have many layers, making them highly energy efficient and helping you save money on your bills.
  5. Solar controlled glass roofs. Want to enjoy as much daylight as possible? A solar controlled roof lets in the light while reflecting heat away, perfect for keeping your space comfortable during warm summer months.

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