How Does a Conservatory Roof Insulation Actually Work?

According to a survey by ‘Which?’ 36% of conservatory owners would build theirs differently if they got the chance again. 

Many conservatory owners in the UK do not feel content with their conservatories. Still, the flaws vary depending on the quality of the build, the materials used and the design. Some homeowners may want to change the conservatory’s shape, perhaps create a bigger space or invest in self-cleaning glass; however, the biggest issue with traditional conservatories is energy efficiency.

One well-known reason for investing in a conservatory is bridging the gap between the home and garden; however, when the conservatory is too hot during the summer months and much too cold during the wintertime, it becomes a redundant transitional space or a utility room valued only for storage. Rather than accepting common issues and ‘putting up with it’ you can make huge improvements without starting from scratch. 

Minimal insulation – It’s at the heart of common conservatory flaws

Conservatories constructed of polycarbonate or glass offer little insulation. As a result, warm air will escape when you need it most, whilst cold air is free to pass through the roof to make your conservatory space uncomfortable at the best of times. A simple upgrade worth considering is insulating your conservatory ceiling. This saves up to 90% of heat loss alone, whilst keeping the room cool during the summer. It also prevents a multitude of common issues such as faded furniture, wilting plants, glare from the sun and excessive noise when it rains.

Yes, it really does work. 

With an insulated conservatory roof, you can finally use your conservatory all year round, whilst it will also feel like another room of your home, rather than an add-on especially if you opt for a fully tiled roof replacement. The tiles we use come with a 40-year manufacturer-backed warranty, whilst it is 4% lighter than a glass roof and 33% lighter than any other solid roofs. What’s more, this solution may only take three days to complete yet maximises ROI, improving efficiency in your home whilst enhancing kerb appeal at the same time. As a cost-effective solution, insulated conservatory roofs can be installed on almost all conservatory types, and there is a vast range of ceiling finishes to choose from, so honing in on the right look is incredibly easy. 

Are there any drawbacks?

With an insulated conservatory roof, you do lose a smidgen of natural light — around 5-10% of the light from the original glass or polycarbonate roof. Many people expect a drastic difference in terms of natural lighting and ‘mood’ but are pleasantly surprised upon completion. That said, if you do want to ensure you maintain as much natural light as possible but want all of the benefits of an insulated tiled conservatory roof, then you do always have the option to incorporate skylights.

To learn more about insulated conservatory ceilings, or to request a quote, it’s best to get in touch with our friendly team. We can guide you through the materials, processes and workmanship involved in this quality solution.





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