How Do I Know if My Conservatory Roof Needs Changing?

It’s quite easy to spot major problems at home, whether that is cracks in walls, clogged guttering, broken roof tiles or faulty central heating. That said there may be certain issues that are “right under your nose” especially if you have a traditional conservatory. Though many people see the conservatory as a rather natural extension of the home, it’s quite common for the room to have a different feel. For example, it may be too hot during the summer, or freezing cold during the winter, making it a room that’s used more for storage than lifestyle purposes. It’s often the small frustrations that add up to describe one major problem; a lack of energy efficiency.


Signs your conservatory is not energy efficient

In addition to the space having a rather uncomfortable room temperature for much of the year, below are a few more signs your conservatory roof needs changing:



If your conservatory now has condensation forming between windows and doors, it’s a major sign that your double-glazing has failed, and will no longer be performing very well. If you’re going to replace windows and doors with new double-glazing, it’s always best to consider modernising the roof at the same time, especially if you’re looking to prevent heat from escaping in the winter, whilst ensuring the room stays nice and cool during the summer.


Damaged roof

A damaged roof is a major concern. It’s fairly normal though for older conservatories, especially if the roof has never been maintained. Whether you have a glass or polycarbonate roof, you have to ensure it’s cleaned regularly to prevent sludge from building up, whilst you may discover areas that are brittle and frail, allowing draughts to come in. With a tiled conservatory roof, you can eradicate the need for regular maintenance and ensure your roof is performing to the best of its ability, much like the tiled roof that likely covers the rest of your home.

Cracks, gaps and decaying seals

Most older conservatories have not been designed and manufactured using modern uPVC and advanced glass technology, and just because the materials were not quite as thermal efficient back in the day means cracks and gaps may begin to appear over time. If you can spot seals that are beginning to peel away from the surface of the doors or windows or spot visible damage in all corners of your conservatory, it’s a sign it’s time to make the environment much more hospitable – and a number of repairs with the addition of a new tiled roof will be the best bet for maximising performance.

These are just a few signs to look out for before deciding whether it’s time for you to consider a roof upgrade for your conservatory. Whether you spot mould, damp, holes, cracks, condensation or leaks, be sure to review your options and consider how you’d like to use the space moving forward. If you want the room to be a focal point in your home, or a space for entertaining, dining or relaxing, then it’s important to speak to a professional about the improvements that can be made – and that’s where we can help!

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