How can I make my conservatory more energy efficient?

While modern conservatories add a touch of luxury, space and functionality to any home, traditional conservatories are often plagued with issues, particularly regarding energy efficiency. But there are some things you can do to make your conservatory more energy efficient and improve its overall performance. From insulation to roof replacements and moisture control, we explore some of the most common problems below.

Check for leaks and seal them up

You know that feeling when you walk into your home, and it's just a few degrees too cold? Perhaps the air even feels slightly damp. You may face these conditions alongside higher electricity bills, meaning you're essentially using more energy but getting a poor standard of comfort in return. The first step is to check for leaks that might be letting in cold air or moisture. Check around doors, windows and walls for any source of a leak. If there are obvious issues, be sure to seal the leak. Caulking and weatherstripping can be quick fixes, but for larger problems, you may need to replace panels or windows.


Control moisture and humidity

Increased moisture and humidity can cause all sorts of problems in your conservatory, from mould and mildew growth to structural damage. Not only is this incredibly unpleasant, but it can also present a serious health hazard, particularly if you suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions. The good news is that you can do a few things to help control moisture and humidity in your conservatory. One of the most effective solutions is to install a dehumidifier, which will help to remove excess moisture from the air. You should also ensure that any plants in your conservatory are well-watered and that any spilt water is cleaned up as soon as possible. Ventilation is also crucial in minimising moisture and humidity, so open windows and doors regularly to allow fresh air to circulate.

Keep the heat in with a high-quality conservatory roof replacement

One of the main issues with conservatories is that they can get incredibly hot in summer and quite cold in winter, making them uncomfortable to use all year round. Traditional conservatories are typically made with glass or polycarbonate roofs, which can let in a lot of heat and light but can also be susceptible to leaks and damage. Replacing any conservatory roof is a significant task, but it can be smooth if you find the right team. With a professionally installed tiled roof replacement, you can finally make your conservatory feel like a true part of your home, where you can relax, entertain, dine with friends or enjoy the views, whatever the weather.

Add insulation to your conservatory walls

Another way to make your conservatory more comfortable all year round is to add insulation to the walls. This will help to keep the heat in during winter and prevent your conservatory from becoming too hot in summer. Adding insulation is a relatively straightforward process, and there are various materials you can choose from depending on your budget and the level of insulation you need.

Install double-glazed windows and doors

There are many benefits to installing double-glazed windows in your home. Not only will they help keep your space comfortable and draught-free, but they can also boost your energy efficiency and lower your gas and electricity bills. In fact, with proper installation, double-glazed windows can reduce heat loss by up to 50%. This can translate into significant savings on your energy bill, especially in the winter months. Double-glazed windows can also help reduce noise pollution from outside sources. So if you live in a busy city or near a busy highway, investing in double-glazed windows can be a great way to enjoy some peace and quiet in your own home.

Install high-output radiators

When the weather outside is dismal, there's nothing more welcoming than coming home to a cosy house. And while your first instinct might be to curl up by the fireplace with a hot beverage and a thick dressing gown, there are plenty of simple and efficient ways to keep your home warm during the winter months. One option is to install a high-output radiator or heating system. As well all know, radiators work by transferring heat from one area to another, and they can be very effective in providing long-lasting warmth, whilst there are plenty of eco-friendly, energy-efficient designers radiators to consider today, meaning you can choose the perfect blend of style and substance for your home.


There are plenty more ways to make your conservatory more energy efficient, such as installing thermal curtains to trap heat or choosing draught-proofing flooring. Should you need further information or advice, please don't hesitate to send us a message or call Smart Conservatory Solutions on 01604 713335.


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