Best Way to Keep Your Conservatory Cool During Summer

Insulating your Conservatory Ceiling

With an insulated ceiling, you’re able to enjoy your conservatory all year round. This will not only keep the room cool during the spring and summer months by reducing annoying glare from the sun, but it will also help keep the room warm during the winter months by saving up to 90% of heat loss. Put simply, with an insulated ceiling, you’re able to solve all of the common problems such as overheating in the summer, freezing temperatures in the winter, faded furniture, wilting plants, glare from the sun and excessive noise when it rains.

Buying Blinds

By adding blinds in your conservatory, you’re able to help keep the room cool whilst helping space look more stylish too. By shielding the room from the glare of the sun, blinds can cool a room down somewhat, whilst also helping to keep the heat in during the winter months.

Air Conditioning

This certainly is not the most cost-effective method for keeping your conservatory cool, however, it is highly effective. With an air conditioning unit, you can control the temperature of the room quickly. Some systems also offer heating as well as cooling but running costs can soon stack up.

Maintain Minimalism

It’s also important to know that each and every one of your design decisions can affect the temperature of your conservatory. If you were to add plants to create a calming atmosphere and remove unnecessary bulky furniture like bookcases, cabinets and heavy chairs, you can open up space, allow more air to flow through and make it feel more inviting. A minimalistic design is certainly the way forward if you’re keen to create a light and airy atmosphere.

Bring the outside in! 

As lovely as it is to relax cooped up inside the conservatory, making a change to your daily habits and allowing the air to flow through the room can be wise. Just remember to make sure you close and lock all windows and doors before leaving the house!

These are just a few of the ways in which you can keep the room cool during the spring and summer, but as discussed, the best way to eliminate the common problems is with an insulated conservatory ceiling. You can then enjoy the space right away and add to the resale value of your home.

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