Benefits of SupaLite Roofs

What is a SupaLite Roof?

SupaLite roofs are tiled conservatory roof systems featuring an aluminium frame, humidity-proof insulation and custom tiles. They can be tailored to fit existing conservatories, replacing older roofs with a new, modern option. Replacing a conservatory roof with a SupaLite roof creates a fresh living space that is well insulated, warm and soundproof.

With a new conservatory roof from a leading name like SupaLite, you can make your conservatory the most welcoming room in the home. We are experts in tiled conservatory roofs and will be happy to talk to you about the extensive possibilities.

Why Choose a SupaLite Roof for Your Conservatory?

These are some of the top benefits of choosing a SupaLite conservatory roof:

  • Roofs are well insulated, keeping your conservatory free from temperature fluctuations and saving on energy costs
  • Roof systems are engineered to meet building regulations and have been thoroughly tested
  • Conservatories can be easily transformed into a home extension, providing a modern, comfortable and inviting living space
  • A new tiled conservatory roof can add value to your home
  • Avoid leaks, rain noise and cold draughts
  • Choose from a range of tile and slate finishes
  • You will get a 10-year product guarantee on your new roof
  • New roofs can be installed in just three to four days for a standard sized conservatory
  • Planning permission is generally not needed

SupaLite roof systems are designed to suit your conservatory, accommodating all styles including Edwardian, P-shape, Victorian, Victorian 5 bay and Victorian wide front.

Our team can talk to you about the various options available if you are considering upgrading your conservatory roof. A new tiled roof from SupaLite can be an excellent choice that will give your conservatory the transformation it needs to become your new favourite room. Call 01604 713335or email to find out more.


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